About Me



I live in Washington, Illinois, with my husband, Lyle, and my three boys, ranging in age from 15 to 5. As a homeschool mom, a business owner, a wife, and a busy volunteer, I know precisely how to get things done!

My life for as long as I can remember has revolved around working at a computer. To some, that may sound torturous, but I’ve loved it! I’ve worked in corporate America in a variety of sectors, from medical to manufacturing. I’ve been honing my administrative skills for 26 years. Having owned a few businesses in the past 12 years, I’ve taken classes and achieved certifications in all sorts of places, from web design, blog posting, social media management and marketing, and an assortment of others.

In every area I’ve worked customer service has been at the forefront, be it for my own business or B2B clients in my corporate positions. Some of my forays have included event planning, human resources and recruiting, and management.

Our family has lived all over the country and we’ve been blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people from all over and all walks of life. Because of this, I’ve lived a “virtual” life for many years. Keeping up with people and businesses from all around with a few clicks of the mouse and a few skilled keystrokes of my keyboard. I’ve even worked a few jobs virtually, lead generation and recruiting specifically.

I am determined and honest. Functioning always from a place of love and integrity, determination and joy, motivation and inspiration… I don’t give up easily and work hard at everything I do. It’s a pleasure to meet you! 🙂